Do I qualify for a free split?
A "free split" is a land use tool that allows a property owner to split his or her lot of land once without having to go through the regulatory process. Property lots are only eligible for a "free split" if they have not been split since March 21, 1962.

To find out if you qualify for a "free split" you will need to:

1. Obtain a "free split" form from the Planning Department.
2. Hire an attorney to conduct a title search in the Town of Ledyard Land Records and issue an opinion to show that you are eligible for a "free split".
3. Hire a surveyor to draw a plan that shows the original lot with the proposed new lot.
4. Bring the plan to Ledge Light Health District for review. Once their requirements are met, have them sign off on the "free split" form.
5. Bring the plan and application form to the Planning Department for review.
6. Upon review, the Planning Department will refer your "free split" plan to the Zoning Department.
7. Upon approval, the Planning Department will sign off your application and contact you.
8. Once you have heard that your plan is approved, have your surveyor print a Mylar of the plan to record and file in the Ledyard Town Clerk's office.

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