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Anchor Baptist Church
Larry Richmond, Pastor
52 Fanning Road
Ledyard, CT 06339
Phone: 860-886-9892

Link: Anchor Baptist Church
Anchor Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental, Bible-believing church located at 52 Fanning Rd. in Ledyard, Connecticut. The Church is in close proximity to Groton, New London, and Norwich as well as the Navy Submarine Base and the Coast Guard Academy. If you are looking for a church that preaches the Bible as the Word of God, seeks to reach souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ and build believers in the faith, you have found the right place. Our music is traditional, singing the glorious hymns of the faith. You will find a friendly people that would welcome your visit.
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Pastor Rodney Henderson
1 Fairway Drive
Ledyard, CT 06339
Phone: 860-464-8476

Link: Covenant Presbyterian Church
It is our mission to honor God by being a worshiping church, a discipling church and a serving church. Worship is our attitude and actions toward what we love the most. Who and what we love shapes us into what we are. As we worship our triune God, we come to know God's holy love through Jesus Christ and it changes us. As we are changed by God we become more like Him as His disciples. And as we grow into disciples, we serve others, even those who might hate us. We, at Covenant, are committed to faithfully worship God, to disciple individuals into a grace-inspired holiness and to serve others in humble love.
Friendship Community Church
384 Colonel Ledyard Highway
Ledyard, CT 06339
Phone: 860-245-1011

Link: Friendship Community Church
Find Love, Find Friendship, Find God Our vision is to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth by us living in relationship with God, and by being people dedicated to pursue the presence of God our Heavenly Father.
Gallup Hill Baptist Church
Kyle Dykes, Pastor
79 Gallup Hill Rd
Ledyard, CT 06339
Phone: 860-464-8532
Fax: 860-464-0700

Link: Gallup Hill Baptist Church
Welcome to Gallup Hill! We are a new, young church located in Ledyard, CT. We strive to be a church with a relentless focus on serving Jesus, serving one another, and serving our communities. What can you expect at Gallup Hill? We are multigenerational - Our primary demographic is young families, but people from all walks of life call this church their home. We are casual - come dressed in whatever is comfortable to you. We are relational - we really enjoy being here and would love for you to join us. We strive to be authentic - no perfect people please. We are all imperfect people on a faith journey following Jesus.
Ledyard Congregational Church
Rev. Dr. Catriona Lanza, pastor
722 Colonel Ledyard Highway
(corner of 117 & Col. Ledyard Hwy)
Ledyard, CT 06339
Phone: 860-464-9926

Link: Ledyard Congregational Church
We are an active, loving faith community. We host the Ledyard Food Pantry, a beautiful space for people to feel welcome, increasing its hours and products, remodeling our building to hold it. We sponsored 2 refugee families' immigration (Syrian and Laotian); we are Open and Affirming of LGBTQ; and environmentally conscious (seen our solar panels?). We host free meals monthly. Sundays 9:30–10:30 am, children welcome--sanctuary play area, Sunday School during worship.
New Life Church
Pastors Johnny & Sharon Burns
1729 Center Groton Rd
Ledyard, CT 06339
Phone: 860-464-9098
Fax: 860-464-2407

Link: New Life Church
New Life Church is a ministry focused on the restoration of the entire person, mind, body and soul, with a mission of directing people to develop a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Our ministry is based upon the belief that a strong individual makes a strong family, and a strong family will make a strong church. The church body spans across multicultural boundaries and works to break down racial and ethnic barriers. At New Life, you will experience Bible based teaching, presented with clarity and understanding that coincides with a lively Praise and Worship in an atmosphere of love.
Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church
Pastor Rev. Brian J. Converse
1650 Route 12
Gales Ferry, CT 06335
Phone: Rectory: 860-464-7251

Link: Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church
We of Our Lady of Lourdes are a Faith Community rooted in Christ. As a model of God's Kingdom, we are called to be Christlike and to proclaim His love through actions, attitudes, prayer, and spirit. As stewards of God's love, we are committed to extending Christ's peace, love, and justice to all of God's children everywhere. — Our Lady of Lourdes Mission Statement
Saint David's Episcopal Church
The Reverend Jana M. Branson, Rector
284 Stoddard's Wharf Road
Gales Ferry, CT 06335
Phone: 860-464-6516
Fax: 860-464-6446
Link: Saint David's Episcopal Church
St. David’s Episcopal Church is a warm and caring community of faith serving Southeastern Connecticut. We are a parish of all ages and stages of Christian development, traveling together as disciples of Jesus Christ. We offer many opportunities to foster a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ and to share that knowledge and love with all people. We are an inclusive congregation in the Episcopal tradition of the Anglican Communion, and part of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. Saint David's Christ-centered faith, rooted in ancient traditions of worship, teaching, and service, as is reflected in our inspirational liturgy, reverence in prayer and sacraments, and joyful music. Children are always welcome in church, as we believe their presence (and noises) enlivens our worship. We’d love to have you join us in-person or online. Come and see what the Holy Spirit is doing here.
St. Luke Lutheran Church
Lead Pastor Rev. Danny R. Hammons, Associate Pastor Rev. Sarah Barnes
1830 Route 12
Gales Ferry, CT 06335
Phone: 860-464-7897

Link: St. Luke Lutheran Church
All are welcome. We invite you to join us in our walk of faith toward greater love, understanding and respect. This congregation affirms the unity of the body of Christ. We believe that all are members in that one body; ...people of all nations, ancestries and colors, ...people of all genders and gender identities, ...people with faith and doubt, ...people who are single, married, divorced, separated, or partnered, ...people who are straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual, ...people of all political persuasions, ...people who are poor, wealthy or somewhere in between, ...people who are broken in mind, body, or spirit are members in that one body. The people of St. Luke Lutheran Church are committed to making justice a reality in this congregation and in the world, relying upon the healing, unconditional nature of God's love and grace to guide us.
The United Methodist Church of Gales Ferry
Pastor Rev. Thomas Bentum
10 Chapman Lane
Gales Ferry, CT 06335
Phone: 860-464-7407
Fax: 860-464-7531

Link: The United Methodist Church of Gales Ferry
United in Christ's love! We seek, we share, we serve.
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