Retirement Board

Mission Statement

The Retirement Board oversees the investment and administration of the Town’s Defined Benefit Retirement Pension Plan, the Defined Contribution Plan, and other non-mandatory or elective post-employment benefit plans for all eligible Town of Ledyard and Board of Education employees.

The Board consists of five voting members, three non-voting ex-officio members: the Town Director of Finance, one member of the Town Council, and one Town employee who is a participant in the Retirement Plans, and two alternate members who have voting rights when filling in for a regular voting member.

The Board develops investment policy for Plan assets and engages investment advisors to manage the assets of the Pension Plan. They annually report to the Town Council on the Pension and DC Plan asset performance, estimated required Plan funding, employee contributions, and disbursements. The Board approves all pension benefits and expenses of the Retirement Plans.


Third Tuesday of the month at 10:00 a.m. in the Town Hall Annex

Board Members

John Rodolico – Chairman

William Thorne

Sharon Wadecki

Daniel Panosky

Roger Codding

Alternate Member


Non-Voting Members

Mayor - Fred Allyn III

Finance Director - Matthew Bonin

Treasurer – Ian Stammel

Town Council Liaison

Kevin Dombrowski

Staff Contact

Christina Hostetler, Town Hall Assistant, Phone: (860)464-3220,