Land Use Legal Decisions

IWWC 21-01 URA – 1087 & 1025 Colonel Ledyard Highway, 224 Avery Hill Road, 20 Windward Lane

Applicant: Ledyard Parks and Recreation Department. Owner: Town of Ledyard for Request for As of Right Determination per Sec. 4.3.b. (Non-Regulated Use) to create an outdoor recreational hiking trail with footbridge and bog bridge crossings.

IWWC 21-02 URA – 7 Applewood Drive

Owner: Owner/ Applicant: Roger Watrous Building and Remodeling LLC, for the construction of a new single-family house with associated site improvements within 100’ Wetlands Upland Review Area.

IWWC 21-08 URA – 18 Vinegar Hill Road

Owner: Owner/ Applicant: Benjamin Macko for the installation of a new driveway, septic system, and associated site improvements for a new single-family house within 100’ Wetlands Upland Review Area.

PZ21-01 SUP – 12 Sherwood Trace

Owner: Applicant/Owner, Charles Gallagher for a Special Use Permit for 2 goats.

IWWC 21-09 URA – 556 Lantern Hill Road

Owner: Donco 1, LLC. Applicant: Mark Coen for the installation of a replacement mobile home and associated site improvements within 100’ Wetlands Upland Review Area

IWWC 21-04  – 48 Town Farm Road

Owner: Brian Cote. Agent: Normand Thibeault, Jr., P.E. – Killingly Engineering Associates – Construction of shared driveway with regulated activities to serve a 3-lot subdivision.

PZ21-02RA - Zoning Regulation Text Amendments

Applicant, Ledyard Planning & Zoning Commission for proposed regulations amendments regarding Temporary Forms of Outdoor Entertainment; Revise Section 3.5 (Uses by District) and add new Section 8.27 (Supplemental Regulations – Temporary Forms of Outdoor Entertainment). APPROVED WITH CORRECTION. 

ZP5245 - 1504 Route 12, Gales Ferry

Applicant, Jeff Mazzella, Northeast Truck & Off-Road – Property Owner, Vera Marie Realty, LLC for Review of Proposed Internally Illuminated Free Standing Signage per ZR Section 9.6.C.   APPROVED. 

Ledyard FY22 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Proposals. FAVORABLE REPORT TO TOWN COUNCIL.