Town Council Liaison Assignments

                                                 TOWN COUNCIL LIAISON ASSIGNMENTS

Commission/Committee Board                                                     Town Councilor

Board of Education                                                                                                              Councilor Gabordi

Commission for Senior Citizens                                                                                           Councilor McGrattan

Conservation Commission                                                                                      Councilor McGrattan

Economic Development Commission                                                                     Councilor Eichelberg

Gales Ferry Fire Company                                                                                       Councilor Marshall

Historic District Commission                                                                                   Councilor Ingalls

Inland Wetland/WaterCourses Commission                                                                            Councilor Malone

Ledyard Fire Company                                                                                              Councilor Marshall

Ledyard Housing Authority                                                                                       Councilor McGrattan

Ledyard Town Center Committee                                                                              Councilor Gabordi, Councilor Dombrowski

Ledyard Volunteer Emergency Services                                                                    Councilor Marshall

Library Commission                                                                                                    Councilor McGrattan

Nursing Board                                                                                                               Councilor McGrattan

Parks & Recreation Commission                                                                                 Councilor Davis

Permanent Municipal Building Committee                                                                  Councilor Marshall

Pension Board                                                                                                               Councilor Ingalls

Planning & Zoning Commission                                                                                   Councilor Dombrowski

Public Safety Commission                                                                                             Councilor Marshall

Social Services Board                                                                                                     Councilor McGrattan

Water Pollution Control Authority                                                                                  Councilor Saums

Zoning Board of Appeals                                                                                                 Councilor Dombrowski