Construction Management Service for GHS & LMS

2016-05 Construction Management Services for Gallup Hill School

2016-06 Construction Management Services for Ledyard Middle School

Bids Received for 2016-05 & 2016-06 on 9/18/2015: Construction Management Services Bids
Fee & Compensation Structure for 2016-05 & 2016-06 on 9/18/2015: Project Price Calculations Received

1.  The contracts for which proposals/quahfications are being sought hereby will be municipal public work contracts as that term is defined in General Statutes § 4a-60g, as amended by § 58(a)(14) of Connecticut Public Act 15-5 (June Special Session) (hereinafter "the Act"). Copies of§§ 58-71 and 88 ofthe Act are attached hereto. The bidders must familiarize themselves with the Act and fully comply with all requirements it places on bidders for and on contractors selected to perform municipal public works contracts. The Act requires the Town of Ledyard to include the following statement in this solicitation for proposals/qualifications:

The construction manager at risk/general or trade contractor shall be required to comply with the provisions ofGeneral Statutes §4a-60g, as amended by § 58 ofthe Act, and the requirements concerning nondiscrimination and affirmative action under General Statutes sections 4a-60 and 4a-60a, as amended by the Act. Among other things, the Act requires the contractor(s) awarded the municipal public works contract(s) for which this solicitation for proposals/qualifications has been issued to comply with the requirements ofGeneral Statutes §4a-60g(b)(3), as amended by § 58 ofthe Act, that it/they, on the basis of competitive bidding procedures, (A) set aside at least twenty-five percent of the total value ofthe state's financial assistance for such contract(s) or award(s) to subcontractors who are small contractors, and (B) ofthat portion to be set aside for small contractors, reserve a portion equivalent to twenty-five percent ofthe total value ofthe contract or portion thereof to be set aside for awards to subcontractors who are minority business enterprises.
The selection o f and the award o f a contract(s) to a bidder(s) shall be subject to and

2. dependent upon compliance with all applicable provisions offederal and state law, including without limitation the Act, and the contract(s) shall contain all language and provisions required thereby.
Additional Documents:
Click here for School Floor Plans & Fee Proposal Forms available for download
Questions & Answers:
(9/15/2015) The following are questions and answers related to Bids 2016-05 and 2016-06.
(Intended to answer from Fusco Corporation and Skanska)

Question #1:
Please confirm that a total of four (4) estimates will be required for each of the projects at the following intervals: (1) 100% Schematic Design, (1) 100% Design Development, (1) 50% Construction Documents and (1) 90% Construction Documents.  This was mentioned during the Gallup pre-bid but is not identified in the RFP.  

Answer Question #1:
Yes, Four (4) construction cost estimates was mentioned at the pre-bid and will be considered the basis of the RFQ/P.  It should be noted the RFQ/P on page 9 of 16 in the matrix titled - Distribution of responsibility general conditions and expenses includes  Value Engineering, Constructability Reviews (as related to construction cost) and Schedule, will be considered included in these four estimates.  It is further noted that DAS/OSF now requires all estimates should be completed in UNIFORMAT II format and therefore this is understood/agreed.

Question #2:
Would it be possible to provide the bidders with a copy of the current schematic design documents completed by the design team for each project?  We have the information included in the designs teams final report dated 8.6.14 but updates were mentioned during the Ledyard Middle School pre-bid.  

Answer Question #2:
The current Schematic Design phase floor plans are included/attached for both schools: Gallup Hill School and Ledyard Middle School.  These drawings are titled draft for approval (by the PMBC) and dated 9-10-15.  These are the most current SD floor plans and will continue to be changed and refined during the SD process.  Finally, we note that the site design is not available at this time.

Question #3:
Can an excel file of the proposal form and the general conditions matrix be provided to each bidder? 
Answer Question #3:
We attached “.doc” files of the proposal section.

Questions #4:

Will a draft copy of the AIA form of contract be provided to the bidders before the submission date or will the contract be negotiated after the CMR is selected?

Answer Question #4:
Still working on this.

Question #5
Can you confirm that the two projects will require BIM effort? Can you advise the level of BIM required?
Answer #5:
The two project designs and construction documents will be produced using BIM (Building Information Modeling) software.  The State grant process then requires that a BIM agreement be used by the CM for the construction process.  Therefore, yes a BIM effort will be required by CM.  The BIM level will be determined and negotiated by/with the CM awarded the project(s).

Question #6:
It was brought to my attention that on the reissued proposal form and general conditions “Safety Compliance Material & Labor” is included in the CM Fee. How can this be if CM’s are not allowed to self-perform any work? 
Answer #6:
None at this time