Evacuation Instructions for Allyn's Point

The Ledyard LEPC has determined that for the worst case scenario an evacuation distance of 1 mile from the Allyn's Point Complex could be required in the unlikely event this situation occurred.
Who is affected?
Residents living on the following streets in Ledyard would be affected:
  • Allyn Lane
  • Anderson Drive
  • Bluff Road West
  • Bluff Road
  • Clark Lane
  • Decatur Trail
  • Devonshire Drive
  • Edwards Court
  • Ferry View Drive from Nutmeg to the end
  • Friar Tuck Drive
  • Garden Drive
  • Hurlbutt Circle
  • Hurlbutt Road
  • Ledyard Road
  • Library Lane
  • Little John Court
  • Merry Lane
  • Military Highway from Hurlbutt Road to Route 12

  • Norman Drive from Nutmeg to the end
  • Nottingham Court
  • Nutmeg Drive
  • Oakridge Drive
  • Old Quarry Lane
  • Pheasant Run Condominiums
  • Queen Eleanor Drive
  • Ravenwood Court
  • River Road
  • Riverside Place
  • Robin Hood Drive
  • Route 12 from Route 214 to Hurlbutt Road
  • Spring Street
  • Terry Road
  • Thames View Pentway
  • Whalehead Drive
  • Whalehead Road from Devonshire Drive to Route 12
  • Winthrop Drive
  • Woodridge Circle
Residents living in the Town of Montville within 1 mile of the Dow facility should contact the Montville Office of Emergency Management for information on where to evacuate.

Where to Go?
  • Proceed to the Ledyard High School avoiding use of Route 12 by the Allyn's Point Complex.
  • The high school is located at the intersection of Gallup Hill Road and Colonel Ledyard Highway.