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The Great Outdoors

Avalonia Land Trust:
Avalonia Land Conservancy preserves natural habitats in the Southeastern Connecticut region by acquiring and protecting lands and by communicating the value of these irreplaceable resources.  Detailed maps of Ledyard walking trails in the Avalonian Land Trust Nature Preserve
Tri Town Trail
Trails, open space and recreational facilities are integral components to healthy, livable communities. Access to, and the quality of these resources significantly contributes to the quality of life for all residents and visitors.  It is the vision of the Tri Town Trail Committee to enhance the quality of life for the residents of southeastern Connecticut, by providing the area’s first regional multi-use recreational trail. Information on Tri Town Trail.

Ledyard Walking Trails:
These trails are free and open to the public dawn to dusk.  Parking is limited and only for visitors from sunrise to sunset.  The Guide to Hiking and Walking in Ledyard gives descriptions and maps of walking trails in Ledyard.

Vineyards - Connecticut Wine Trail:
Connecticut Wine Trail
Holmberg Winery & Orchards in Gales Ferry
Maugle Sierra Vineyards in Ledyard


Ledyard and Gales Ferry Historic Cemeteries:
Ledyard cemetery listing
Gales Ferry cemeteries listing

Ledyard Historical Society:

Founded in 1964, the Ledyard Historical Society seeks to preserve and protect the history of Ledyard and Gales Ferry, Connecticut, to educate and promote pride in our town’s cultural heritage.

Ledyard's Up-Down Sawmill:
Sawmill Park in Ledyard, CT consists of an active authentic reconstructed 19th century water-powered up and down sawmill with an adjacent blacksmith shop where volunteer smithies ply their trade.  There are also 11 acres of open and wooded land surrounding Sawmill Pond, complete with a playground.  Bring a fishing pole; The CT DEP usually stocks the pond with trout. 

Nathan Lester House:
Nathan Lester House is an 18th century farmhouse with original outbuildings and farm museum surrounded by over 100 acres including hiking trails and geocaches.

The Annual Harvard-Yale Regatta:
Gales Ferry's is the home of the annual 4-mile varsity Harvard-Yale regatta each spring.  It is the United State's oldest intercollegiate athletic competition, first contested in 1852.  Both universities have permanent camps along the Thames River in Gales Ferry.  
Harvard-Yale Regatta Background
Harvard-Yale Regatta - 150 Years of Tradition

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