Economic Development Commission


The Economic Development Commission (EDC) is responsible for expanding the tax base of the Town of Ledyard and for advocating, facilitating, promoting, and advising on economic development issues within the town through marketing, property tax incentives, and infrastructure improvement. The role of the EDC is primarily advisory and not regulatory. Therefore, the EDC focuses on fostering a productive and positive relationship with both large and small businesses.

The EDC is comprised of 7 volunteer members who are appointed to 3 year terms by the Mayor.

The goals of the EDC are:

  • Encourage economic growth and diversification in order to expand the nonresidential tax base, provide new business and employment opportunities, and to improve the services and overall quality of life enjoyed by residents.
  • Develop new utility and roadway infrastructure to serve portions of the Town zoned for commercial and/or industrial purposes with a focus on the Route 12 corridor and Ledyard Center. 
  • Continue to revise land use regulations to be pro-business without sacrificing a commitment to environmentally sound development.
  • Encourage traditional village development in the LCDD and GFDD.
  • Foster the development of vacant or underutilized commercial and industrial zoned land.  Utilize a variety of traditional and nontraditional strategies to attract businesses to Ledyard.  Expand existing industrial zones to take advantage of a larger return on investment when public sewer is extended to those areas.
  • Encourage farm diversification to enable farming to be a viable economic enterprise.