Voting Information & Absentee Ballots

Voter Registration

You must be registered to vote in the town of your residence. We work with the Ledyard Registrars of Voters (860-464-3252) to issue the form to register to vote. We have the forms available in our office. When completed we forward the form to the Registrars for processing. You may complete the form in a few minutes here in our office, take it home for completion, or print the form from the link below and return it by mail. Mail-in forms may be used to register as a new voter, change your address within Ledyard, change or register with a political party, or change your name.
The forms are also available from the Registrars, and online (English or Español).


Please note that Connecticut law states that the voter must be a member of the political party holding a primary in order to vote in that primary. Voters who are not members of a political party are considered “unaffiliated” and eligible to vote in general elections only.


Owners of property in Ledyard are permitted to cast a vote in the annual town budget referendums.

Absentee ballots

These ballots are issued to residents of Ledyard by the Clerk’s Office. You are eligible to receive an absentee ballot if:
  • You are actively serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • You are going to be absent from the polls during all hours of voting.
  • You have illness or disability.
  • You have religious tenets which forbid secular activity on election/primary/referendum day.
  • You serve as a polling official in a location other than your place of polling.


The process is as follows:
  1. An Application for an Absentee Ballot is completed, identification and current voter registration are validated, and a ballot issued.
  2. Once the elector completes the ballot, it is returned in person or by mail to the Clerk’s Office for delivery to the polls. There is strict accounting of all ballots issued and returned.


Special absentee ballots can be found here.

To receive your ballot, please return the original signed and dated absentee ballot application to this address:
Town Clerk
741 Colonel Ledyard Highway
Ledyard, CT 06339