Meeting Notices, Agendas, Minutes, Reports

Where to Find Notices, Agendas & Cancellations

Upcoming Meeting notices, agendas and cancellations are posted on the Town Clerk’s bulletin board as well as on the town’s calendar and the media portal.

Agencies must adhere to the FOIA requirements for advance notice of meetings

Town Clerk Process

The Clerk’s Office receives, posts, and files correspondence from many, but not all, town agencies, commissions and committees. Meeting notices and agendas are posted on the Clerk’s Bulletin Board. Draft minutes of the meetings are available within 7 days. When the approved minutes are filed with the Clerk's Office, they are filed accordingly. The Town Clerk maintains meeting minutes of many town agencies permanently in the archives.

Other Posting Sites

Some documents are located at other physical sites in Ledyard which meet the state statutory requirements for having public access to inspect, copy and receive records during regular working hours. These sites include the:
  • Bill Library (Library Commission and Gales Ferry Historical District)
  • Board of Education Building (Ledyard School system)
  • Ledyard Police Station (police records)
  • Ledyard Senior Center (Commission on Senior Citizens)
  • Parks and Recreation Building (Parks and Recreation Commission)