Marriage License

Marriage licenses are issued in the Town Clerk’s Office for marriages taking place in the Town of Ledyard - only!  Two Trees Hotel is in Ledyard.  Persons being married on the Mashantucket Indian Reservation (Foxwoods; MGM) must apply to the Tribal Clerk for a license (860-396-6618).  Persons being married at the Lake of Isles complex must apply to the North Stonington Town Clerk for a license (860-535-2877 x 21) 

Applicants must apply in person.  Please arrive no later than 4:00 p.m. at the Clerk’s office.  The process takes approximately 25 minutes.  Blood tests are no longer required.  There is no waiting period.  Same sex marriages are legal in the State of Connecticut, though not recognized in all states.  Licenses are valid for 65 days from the date of the second applicant’s signature on the license.  The fee for the license is $50.00, with $34.00 of that going to the State of Connecticut.  We accept cash or personal checks payable to the ‘Town of Ledyard’.

The applicants complete a marriage license worksheet for the Clerks to follow (Marriage License Worksheet) and present proof of identify (e.g. government issued photo ID with signature).  First, middle and last names are required for all persons involved (full maiden name in the case of mothers).  The clerk will enter the data from the worksheet into a computer program which will print out a draft license for proofing by the applicants.  Once satisfied that all the information is correctly entered, the license will be printed on special paper, and signed by both applicants and the Clerk. 

Upon issuance of the license, the applicants are advised to give the license to the person performing the ceremony (the officiator).  The license will ultimately be returned to the Clerk’s Office by the officiator were it will be recorded and filed permanently.  A certified copy of the signed license is available for $20.00, once the license is returned with the officiant's signature.

For more information on marriage in CT, please see:

Certified copies of a marriage license may be obtained by anyone 18 yrs or older who submits a completed request form (Marriage Certificate Copy Request) along with payment of $20.00 to the Town of Ledyard.  Only the marriage parties may receive a copy with social security numbers.