Copies of Documents in the Clerk's Office

  • Patrons may obtain copies of documents which are located in the Clerk’s Office. 
  • Copies of land records, and images and indexes on our land record system are $1.00 per page.
  • For copies of images and indexes you can see on the computer, you may print directly from the screen to the printer located behind the clerk’s counter.
  • For copies of our land records in volumes, we request you bring the volume and a completed request chit (found on the vault counter) to the clerk counter, where we will make the copies for you.  We then ask that you return the volume to its place on the shelves when complete.
  • Copies of 24" x 36" maps are $4.00.  You may sign out the map for making a copy at the Tax Assessor’s office on a special map copier.
  • Copies of minutes, agendas, and similar materials are $0.50 per page.
  • We do not have a color copier, nor are we equipped to process non-Clerk office photo-copy requests.