Town Clerk

Our Pledge
If there is a question to which we do not know the answer, we will do our best to get it for you, or put you in contact with the person who knows the answer.

Please Be Considerate
Make and take your phone calls outside the office, no pets in the office, and no food or drink in the vault. Everyone will be appreciative!
Dont' know who to contact? Try the Whom Do I Contact For What? (PDF) contact list.

The Clerk of the Town*
"If you want to get married, or fish in the sea,
If you vote by machine, or you vote absentee,
Whatever your problem turns out to be,
It's the work of the Clerk of the Town.

We're concerned with such things
As the sex of a dog
And how many bees in a hive
And we file, we record, we attach and attest
Anything... be it dead or alive.

Whatever goes on in the Town we record,
And we're ready to help as you enter our door,
Though we may become frazzled, we never get bored,
Here's a 'welcome!' from your Clerk of the Town."

*Freely adapted and modified from the CT Town Clerks Association, September 1978.