General Information

The Planning and Development resource area is to share information foster knowledge related to planning, development and economic development in Ledyard, Connecticut. We will work to keep the information current and up to date, however, it important to remember that the data here is not official. For example, the regulations accessible here are not intended to be the legal regulations of the Town and users should consult the applicable Town department for official documents.

Helpful Links

Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments’ (SCCOG) Geographic Information System (GIS)
This interactive tool provides access to regional maps, geographically referenced property information, and other geographic data.

Aljen Heights Water Main Extension Project
Ledyard Community Facilities Assessment (6/6/2011)
Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) Previous Submissions
Wastewater Facilities Plan

Related Town Ordinances

Town of Ledyard Ordinances provide legal framework for the Planning Commission as well as creating a Planning Commission that is separate from a Zoning Commission. There is also an ordinance to provide for alternates to the commission. Additionally, several ordinances adopted by the Town of Ledyard regulate areas that the Planning Commission deals with on a regular basis

ORD 300-005 Providing for a Combined Planning and Zoning Commission
ORD 300-017 Regulating the Management of Stormwater Runoff
ORD 300-021 Concerning Building on Unaccepted Streets
ORD 300-025 Regulating the Addition of Any New Street or Highway to the Highway System