Scam Alert
The Ledyard Police Department has been contacted by a resident who received a letter in the mail indicating they had won a sum of money in a "Compensation Draw" by the "Sweepstakes Association of North America." Accompanying the letter was a check made out to an amount in excess of a tax they requested be sent back to them. The purpose of this scam is to have the individual cash the check and mail the tax amount back to them at a location in Canada. At that point the local bank will realize the check is not valid and charge the local individual the entire amount. The Ledyard Police Departments warns all citizens to be highly cautious with any correspondence received indicating you are the winner of a sum of money. At no time should you cash a check and send money back to anyone in that situation, nor should you provide any personal or financial information to unknown person(s). If you have any questions regarding a situation of this type, please contact the Ledyard Police Department at 860-464-6400.