Gales Ferry Advisory Route 12 Tri-Committee


Gales Ferry is centered around Route 12 and is one of the main commercial corridors in the town. The area is largely residential and contains 2 national register historic districts, a post office and library. It does offer typical neighborhood commercial services. Each year in June, the Yale-Harvard regatta brings rowing teams and spectators to the riverfront and life to each school’s boathouse, both of which are located in the village.

Advisory Route 12 Tri-Committee

The Advisory Route 12 Tri-Committee was formed in May of 2000 by a Town Council Resolution. The 9-member committee was tasked with developing zoning regulations for the Route 12 Corridor that will encourage economic development while maintaining the character and atmosphere of a New England Village of the Town. The Committee worked with the University of Connecticut School of Agriculture and Natural Resources and was charged with:
  • Developing a consensus concerning the future use of Gales Ferry School
  • Reviewing all materials as prepared by the ad hoc tri-committee encompassing members of the EDC, Planning Commission and Zoning Commission
  • Conducting a site inventory of all properties along the Route 12 Corridor, including the Gales Ferry School, with the objective of planned development for the Route 12 Corridor
  • Reviewing sketches, photographs and possible design scenarios provided by the University of Connecticut College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Incorporating the work provided by the University of Connecticut to produce a mapping effort of the Route 12 Corridor
  • Developing schedules and cost estimates for such projects recommended by the committee
  • Working with the Mayor and Town Council to propose an acceptable financing arrangement for the project


The Tri-Committee published its findings in April 9, 2001: Development of Route 12 Report (PDF).