Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is responsible for the protection of life and property of residents and visitors to the Town of Ledyard. The Ledyard Police Department Patrol Division is highly proactive in its approach to law enforcement, providing a visible proactive patrol presence at all times. The Division has 6 Sergeants, who serve as shift supervisors, as well as 12 Patrol Officers.

This division is responsible for all aspects of police service such as:
  • Investigation of criminal complaints
  • Motor vehicle enforcement
  • Proactive patrol
  • Response to calls for service
Officer kneeling next to a dog of the K9 unit
Within the Patrol Division, the Ledyard Police Department operates 3 subdivisions which are extremely beneficial to its operation.
  • The 1st is the department's K9 unit, which consists of 1 K9 and his handler: K9 Lambeau, who is handled by Officer Bobby Kempke.
  • The 2nd subdivision is the Marine Patrol Division. The Ledyard Marine Patrol provides active patrols to the waters of the Thames River to provide a proactive presence to enforce boating laws, ensure safe boating, and to provide necessary infrastructure protection for facilities located on the Thames.
  • The 3rd is the Ledyard Police Department Accident Reconstruction Team. Recognized as one of the premier teams in the State of Connecticut, this team is called upon when a serious injury or fatal motor vehicle accident occurs in the Town of Ledyard. Consisting of several reconstructionists, these officers have undergone extensive training and their experience is invaluable to this department.